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  • A RARE MOMENT OF INSIGHT prcd 041 Progress Records 2010
    Compact Disc (CD) + Digital Album

    The original pressing of A RARE MOMENT OF INSIGHT with cover art by Max.Comes in in a 4 pages digipak with a 12 pages booklet inside.Mastered at Cosmos mastering by Christofer Stannow.

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A RARE MOMENT OF INSIGHT | PRCD 041 progress records 2010

So there he was at the roof with his purple heart beating inside.The feeling of being in the chrysalis was like a rare moment of insight.The instinct that drove him over the land like an juggernaut was the echoes of madness.Maybe it was time to practice the art of letting go for our character......THIS IS OUR ALBUM NUMBER FIVE SO FAR.


released November 15, 2010

STEFAN DAMICOLAS guitars vocals keyboards | GUNNAR MAXÈN bass keyboards | MAX BERGMAN drums and percussion | all music composed & produced by S.D album art by M.B


all rights reserved



Brother ape Stockholm, Sweden


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Heavenly father
where do we go from here?
I try to ignore it
but it never lets me sleep

there are things inside my mind
there are things that I never should have seen

Heavenly mother
where is the love inside?
does it hide underneath all the lies?
we have cried enough

and the scars are every everywhere
a remainder of yesterdays
It's a lonley life

Heavenly father
where do I go from here
I see in the mirror,a sorrowful look

If I'll be dead by noon tomorrow
there were things that I never should have said

Heavenly mother
The price of success was high
I still remember lives I took
have we died enough?

and the scars are every everywhere
a remainder of yesterdays
It's a lonley life

I'd like to make myself believe
I'd like to hold you and be free
I'd like to stay
and make a change
I like to make you all my life
I´d like to see behind your eyes
I'd like to make a change

Heavenly mother
where do we go from here?
we hide underneath all the lies
we have lied enough
When you start the day but you don't know where
When you wanna know but you just don't care
When the view is a wall that makes you sad
When you are out of hope and all is bad

Take a ride
and see what you have been missing
If you hide
you can't be what you wanna be here

When you feel the eyes of judgemental minds
When you know what they see just makes them blind
When you're feeling alone like there's no one there
When your life goes by but you just don't care

when you ask yourself do I need a ride
when you move alone and you've lost your way
when the moment of truth came down on you
when you know who you are and you wanna live
Time to run
but i dont know where
and I'm running fast
but i dont know why
and I dont know where

Time to run
rushing through the towns,
and the villages
and I don't think I can stop

Time to run
flowing on the ground
The world slows down
but my heart beats fast
like a new machine

Oh running feet carry me along
with the rising sun, to the end of the world

the rain keeps falling on my naked skin
the blood is flowing in this new machine
there is no end and no one wins
I am running like the wind

time to run
like I've never done
I feel the ground
and I touch the sky

eyes are closed
and the dreams just flow
I meet the changes
and I don't think I can stop

Just leave all the madness in yesterday
You know I'm running in the light of tomorrow's dream
that is where I am

Seasons spinning, and I am running free
I am holdin' the key
just to be free
Track Name: SEABOUND
walking down with me
to where I meet the sea
oh to the sand
where I always long to be

the smell of sea
the salt meet my lips
waves rush into land
only to roll out again

where they belong

and when my time will come
promise me one thing
take me to the sand
throw my ashes to the wind

to where I long to be
to where I meet the sea
oh to the sand
I'll meet you when you're ready

where we belong
Track Name: INSTINCT
Your life should be okay now
and now you can go on
Yes you had to
pass the test
to stay alive

one task
is all you had
one dream
would be your guide
had to hurry
to spread your wings
and fly
cause time is short

Come alive
spread your wings and fly
so gracefully

and then
you see the light
Oh then
you see the goal
there you go now
you feel a relief
princess butterfly
your time has come
There's a door
on the second floor
and behind there's a room
enshrouded by gloom

There's a closed black door
and behind there's a soul
Who asks God to forgive him
for he is about to make a sin

The voices are his, rushing too fast
Lightning starts to flash
and in the candlelight his dark
mirror shows a demon's eyes
The madness has consumed his mind
it's tearing it apart
but suddenly the voices telling him STOP!
It has gone too far

Everything is gonna be alright
I am here
I am alive
a rare moment of insight
can make it
can take it away

with a razor in the hand
to the promised land
cause he listened to people
who worship the reaper

His hate is blind
It's eating his mind
asks God to forgive him
for he is about to make a sin

Take me to the other side
Show me everyway to love
Somewhere on the road I knew
Something would wait for me

Take me to the other side
Show me everyway to love
and the echoes of madness
are slowly, slowly dying away
We are shadows
when the sun has crossed the sky
our blue, blue sky
of hope and love

after a while
there is nothing we can do
about the wrongs
of yesterday

we are the trees in a storm
and we just blow with the wind
we have to stand up tall
but then we fall

just let go
just fall down and down
you must fall down
to get up
to get up

letting go and it all gets done
when you can do it, your world is won
breathe, let go and you'lll be the one

there is a time to hold
and there's a time for letting go
Those who try too hard
are those who break
that's what I know

and when it is over
you've been down
and down
then suddenly
you can let go

it will set you free
you found the key

you musn't be so strong
it's not the time to release it
there is a time to crawl
to pick up your pieces

allow yourself
just to bend
and blow
to bend
and blow
with the wind

cause there's more in life
so much more than this

I wont count another day
when I'm taking the easy way out
Allow yourself to fall down
I'm alive, there's more in life

and when you let go
when you can, your world is won

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